50kg Concrete Base with Standard Tube

Not sold separately. Available to buy with parasol only.

This concrete base can be used with most mid-range parasols and should provide a sturdy base for single pole parasols in fine and breezy conditions. The base is easily manoeuvrable via pull-up handles. However, due to the weight, we would recommend asking for assistance when moving the base.

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General advice when choosing a parasol with base.

Check our GUIDE HERE to see which base is the best one for your parasol.

Choosing an appropriate parasol base is a question we get asked at Shade Specialists on a regular occurrence. There a few key factors to consider when making that decision. Firstly, you can’t go too heavy. Nobody ever complains because their garden parasol is still upright and in working order. When choosing your parasol base, consider how your parasol will be used. If your garden umbrella is going through the middle of a sturdy table, you can afford to go lighter on the parasol with base. The table will act as a ballast and provide a lot of stability too. Despite going through a sturdy table, you will however still require a parasol base to provide the stability and maintain the position of the pole.

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