Choosing the best position for a garden parasol

Choosing the best position for a garden parasol 1

Choosing the best position for a garden parasol is perhaps the most important question to ask first! Choosing the location will affect what canopy and base size you will require, consider whether you require lighting, if so, bear in mind how power will be supplied. The positioning of your parasol is especially important with larger canopies as they can act as a sail in high winds, so ensure you select a model designed to with stand high winds!

Once you have established the position of your new garden umbrella or commercial parasol, it is important to choose the correct canopy size, remember the canopy occupies the space above you! Not the floor! Always check that the canopy will not catch on anything when opening, over hanging roofs, trees, signs etc. Shade Specialists supply sizes ranging from two metres square to a massive 9m square! No matter what space you have we can offer an option!

Should you require more information or require help choosing your new parasol, please contact the Shade Specialists team who will be happy to help and advise.

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