Heritage Hardwood Parasol

The Heritage Hardwood parasol is an entry-level and competitively priced budget umbrella, but don't be fooled into thinking this is a 'cheap' parasol! Made from natural Indonesian hardwood this is a great product that will enhance any garden, small café or area in need of shade, no matter what your budget is! A simple yet efficient parasol, with a beautiful aspect and a wide canopy that can be printed with your logo and is machine washable at 40°C.

  • 180 Gram Polyester (Fade Rating Level 5/6)
  • UV rating 50+
  • Water and stain resistant.
  • Removable and washable canopy
  • Oversized connector for increased security
  • Split pole for easy transportation and storage.
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technical data and measurements for heritage hardwood parasol

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The Heritage garden parasol is made from hardwood and has a solution dyed polyester canvas that protects you from the sun. Although it comes at an incredible price, the designers have not given up on quality. Sturdily crafted and attractive in its simplicity, Heritage brings a peaceful serenity to your outdoor oasis.


This parasol is designed with a single pulley system (Brass Pully) to raise the frame and ribs. To open it, just pull the longer end of the ‘anti-fray’ cord until the ribs open and extend the membrane at maximum. Secure the hub using the metallic pin provided (see the image gallery).

To close it, remove the pin and pull the other end of the rope until the frame collapses. We recommend to all our clients to keep their parasol closed when not in use.


The frame and pole – are made entirely from hardwood, meaning that the timber used has a higher density to enhance durability and strength of the structure. The securing pin, the connector and all the metallic parts are made from steel.

(*) Hardwood is used for producing high quality furniture and flooring. This material is obtained from trees which lose their leaves annually and are slower growing – making the wood denser.

The canopy – Made using standard dyed polyester, it is a great choice for limited budgets. It is fade, tear and rot resistant and comes with a 1-year warranty. If you store your parasol properly it should last far more.

(*) If you need to install the parasol on a commercial area, don’t forget to print the canopy with your venue’s logo to make your brand more visible. Don’t forget that the canopy is like a wide canvas and it’s the most visible part of the parasol. We offer this service at Shade Specialists, just call us and let us know.


If your hardwood parasol will be positioned on a patio or pub/café terrace and it will run through the central hole of a garden table, we suggest a 30 kg base (granite or concrete). The table will provide extra stability against wind, meaning that a lighter base will be sufficient.

If the parasol will be freestanding, like on the side of a pool, or a balcony, then we recommend purchasing a heavier base of 50 kg, to make sure the wind won’t blow away the umbrella.


Due to a high demand for this product, our stocks are running low and we have only one size available – 3 metre diameters with Round cover.


The Heritage Hardwood parasol is supplied with a decorative finial on top of the frame, that can be unscrewed allowing for the cover to be machine washed. decorative finial for parasol halogen heaters for hardwood parasol A set of halogen heaters are a great addition to your garden parasol. Easy to install and low on energy consumption, will keep everyone warm in the evening. Available here.
The central mast is made from 2 pieces united by an oversized stylish connector, making the parasol more secure and easier to transport and store. 2 piece wooden pole for parasol portable led lights for hardwood parasol Another great addition is the portable Lou lamp, that can easily light 10 square metres and has an autonomy of 20+ hours if used on a lower intensity. See it here.


This attractive hardwood parasol is designed to protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays. It will provide shade and shelter to your garden or patio, helping to create a relaxing environment wherever it’s placed. It will create an intimate oasis in your garden or a shady spot for your picnic and your family, offering a unique style of shade and comfort.


If you have any questions, need help, or require further information, please contact us.


technical data and measurements for heritage hardwood parasol


Polyester Canopy Cover Material

The standard, piece dyed polyester is the entry level parasol canopy and one you will find most commonly on parasols available on the high street. The standard polyester is a great option if you’re working on a budget. While it only comes with a 1 year warranty, if looked after, it should last well beyond that.
Polyester offers customers:

  • Polyester is a strong fibre, resistant to creasing and keeps its shape.
  • Polyester is piece dyed meaning the thread is only coloured on the outside of the canopy, like a radish!
  • Offers an affordable alternative to Spuncrylic
  • Shade Specialists only offer polyester covers in two natural colours, beige and natural as darker, stronger colours would be more susceptible to fading over time.