Please note due to increase demand, we are currently not supplying bases as a stand alone product, bases will be dispatched with Parasol orders. 

Parasol bases or ground anchors which parasol base should I select?

General advice when choosing a parasol with base.

Choosing an appropriate parasol base is a question we get asked at Shade Specialists on a regular occurrence. There a few key factors to consider when making that decision. Firstly, you can’t go too heavy. Nobody ever complains because their garden parasol is still upright and in working order. When choosing your parasol base, consider how your parasol will be used. If your garden umbrella is going through the middle of a sturdy table, you can afford to go lighter on the parasol with base. The table will act as a ballast and provide a lot of stability too. Despite going through a sturdy table, you will however still require a parasol base to provide the stability and maintain the position of the pole.

Which parasol with base should I choose?

Should you be choosing a parasol and parasol base for your own garden, for a restaurant, café, hotel or pub we can offer you the correct parasol base option. The type of surface involved, the size of the canopy required, and whether you would like to move the umbrella or not, all affect which parasol base option you should consider.

Should your garden umbrella be free standing it is essential to have adequate weight. You will also find the larger parasol bases are not only heavier, but also have a larger footprint, which reduces the chances of the garden parasol tipping over.

For medium to large centre pole umbrellas Shade Specialists recommend using the heavier 70kg granite parasol bases, which visually look the same as the 50kg, but slightly larger in dimension. When purchasing large commercial umbrellas (4m and bigger) we recommend using a cross parasol base. The cross parasol base is supplied with 4 x 30kg bases (either granite or concrete) and can be loaded with additional bases for windier locations / added security.

For the ultimate security you can choose to install a ground parasol base. A ground base for parasol requires a hole to be dug of approximately 80 cm3, which would be filled with concrete, and the steel parasol base sunk level with the ground. This is the cheapest method in terms of parts, but costlier in terms of labour. A concrete base for parasol is a popular method for large commercial umbrellas most often found in pubs, restaurants hotels and commercial properties due to the added security they offer. A secondary benefit to a ground parasol base is the reduced footprint and it also removes the tripping hazard, making it a very popular option in eating and drinking establishment.

Your Shade Specialist product is to be used having regard for the prevailing weather at the time of use. You must take additional care in windy conditions. Shade Specialists do not recommend or warrant the use of their parasols in winds exceeding 25mph (40 kph). The parasols must also be collapsed when left unattended.

Shade Specialists have delivered tens of thousands of high-quality durable parasols and bases for parasols to hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the world.

A beautiful umbrella can instantly transform any outdoor area. With more and more people craving the outdoor lifestyle parasols are becoming an essential accessory for anyone wishing to extend their lifestyle outdoors. A stylish and practical parasol will enhance any outdoor area, creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere to enjoy alfresco dining, or a tranquil environment as you laze by the pool.

Shade Specialists supply high quality parasols and parasol bases from industry leading brands including, BambrellaElbrauHeritagePegasusQuattroShelter and Stellar.

Our mission at Shade Specialists is simple. Supply strong durable and well-designed parasols with robust and rugged parasol bases that will last for many years to come!

If you have any questions about bases for parasols, need help, or require further information about parasol bases, please contact us.