Quattro S Extra Large Parasol

Quattro S is an extra large parasol which uses an ingenious system to attach multiple umbrellas in a variety of combinations, allowing shading to be organised to your specific requirements!

This double parasol uses a patented ‘One Move System’ that makes it very easy and simple to open or close the umbrella over the hight of a table by just one single vertical movement. One simple slide ensures your parasol opens and closes easily. Either coated or anodized, the strong aluminium frame and ultra-resistant canopies can be accessorised with infra-red heaters, rain gutters and LED lights.

There are a variety of fixings available, from movable floor plates or heavy bases to permanent in-ground anchors or wall brackets. Read full description in the ‘Details Tab’.

  • Ultra-light operation thanks to integrated gas spring system
  • Aluminium frame, coated or anodized; acrylic fabric for the canopy
  • Fade, water and wind resistant up to 5 on Beaufort scale
  • Strong fixation: steel base, ground anchor, wall clamps
  • Rain gutters with zipper can be placed in between the canopies
  • Integrated LED lights and heaters, remote operated
  • Up to 38 m² of shade for your terrace
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  • Quattro S Cantilever - Sizes and Shapes:

sizes and shapes of quattro s parasolpossible parasol heights

  • Bases and Fixations: 

fixations and bases - metallic, in ground, floor plate

  • 7 Possible Types of Setup:

possible setups and canopies

  • 4 Different Pole Colours:

pole and frame colours

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The Quattro S Extra Large Parasol was designed to be an ideal hospitality partner, with up to 4 umbrellas that can be attached to the frame. You can fold or unfold the canopies in one swift vertical move, thanks to its innovative system that uses a stainless-steel gas spring, which compensates the weight of the umbrella. You can opt for a single or double parasol, or you can add two more canopies that can be placed in a variety of combinations, allowing the shading to be arranged in many different configurations to cover the space you need. The high-quality materials used, ensure it can stand up to strong winds whilst its marvellous aspect will turn heads for sure!


One of the main features of this double parasol is the newly designed gliding wagon. Thanks to the added strength of the stainless-steel gas spring, you will be able to operate separately each umbrella without having to move the tables and chairs under.


The frame and pole - are made of 100% aluminium, a material that gives strength to this parasol and, at the same time, guarantees a very light and comfortable handle. It is available in 4 colours, according to 2 different processes: powder coating and anodization. Visit the ‘Technical Data’ tab to see more.

  • Powder coated aluminium – This profile has a textured finishing, used for making the pole more scratch resistant, maintenance friendly and offer a unique aspect to the umbrella. Black, White and Grey coatings are available.
  • Anodising - is an electrolytic process for producing a thicker coating and providing a Copper colour to the frame. The oxide layer created by the anodization process is durable, corrosion and scratch–resistant, keeping the original structure of the aluminium unaltered.

Even if located in a windy, wet or sea type of climate, no rust, tear or corrosion will ever cause problems.

The canopy – the Recasens RECacril® Parasol Cover Material used for the Quattro S is one of the best options on the market and comes available in 12 colours. Highly resistant to fade, tear and mould, this fabric will protect you from UV rays (SPF 80+) or summer showers. Easy care, water-repellent and stain proof.

*On demand the canopy can be printed with your brand or logo, to help promote your business.


The 2 canopy shapes – Square and Round are accessible in 7 different setups (as seen in the ‘Technical Data’ section). Possible sizes are: 2.5 x 2.5m, 3 x 3m, 3.5m Round or 4.2m Round for each canopy.

When all the 4 squared canopies are fitted to the frame, this parasol can provide up to 38 m² of shade, whilst the ones in need for a double parasol can have more than 13 m² of shade from the round ones.

A 3rd Rectangular shape is possible when 2 square umbrellas are fitted on the same side of the frame structure. Possible sizes: 2.5 X 5.15m and 3 X 6.15m


Thanks to its great features, this truly versatile parasol became fast highly appealing to the hospitality and commercial sector such as restaurant, pub or café terraces, hotel entrances or pool sides.

It’s not just its practicality that made this possible, with its fast and easy opening system. All the accessories, adjustable canopies, along with its sumptuous aspect, are adding a touch of luxury to any outdoor space where it’s placed.


rain gutters in between parasols

Rain gutters

The rain gutter accessory allows you to connect two or more square umbrellas easily by zipping the canopies together on both ends. The rain water will slide away towards the parasol’s edges and you could enjoy spending your time outdoors even on a rainy day. It’s a great feature to have if you want to keep the full surface area below the parasol dry and safe from Sun or rain (available only on call).


The new umbrella heating system IP X5 (1500W) is a practical addition to the Quattro S parasol in windy areas. It’s fully protected against rain and water-spray and you don’t need to remove it when collapsing the umbrella because it never comes in contact with the canopy. Up to 4 heaters can be installed on a pole along with 2 sockets for easy electricity access.

electric heaters for parasol quattro s
rgb led lights for parasols

Dimmable led light

Enjoy those long summer days through to the last minute, with Quattro S Power-LED lighting. It gives you that extra little bit of time when the sun goes down and dusk sets in. The LED is mounted in the centre of the umbrella, while the rest is hidden within the frame and pole, with no wiring visible.

The 24V LED and the RGB are completely dimmable. You can change colours or set intensity using the supplied remote control. An external battery can be attached to enjoy the LED lighting without connecting to a 220V source, with more than 8 hours autonomy, depending on the setup. Not available for RGB yet.

Protection cover

Protect and add even more life to your parasol by covering it when not in use with a deluxe watertight protection cover. This cover is made from solution-dyed polyester fabric, it protects your umbrella from rain, fading, mould and dust. Simple and fast to operate, easy to store.


Steel Cross Base with 4 tiles: 100 X 100 cm size, can go up to 215 kg. Recommended for areas like terraces, patios, if you may need to change the place of your parasol. Tiles not included.

Floor Plate: 70 x 70 cm size, 38 kg weight. It needs to be chemical anchored (glued). Fixing materials not included. Ideal when your parasol needs to run thru a deck.

In-Ground anchor: It can go 50 cm deep in to the ground and has about 15° tolerance to the left and right. Recommended if a permanent fixation is desired.

Wall brackets: (available only by phone): you can opt also for a wall fixation of your Quattro using two rotating brackets. The locking mechanism will prevent the umbrella from spinning in the wind.


If you are looking for a single, double or an extra large parasol, or maybe you have other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us help you find the best solution to shading your terrace, garden or any outdoor area.


  • Quattro S Cantilever - Sizes and Shapes:

sizes and shapes of quattro s parasolpossible parasol heights

  • Bases and Fixations: 

fixations and bases - metallic, in ground, floor plate

  • 7 Possible Types of Setup:

possible setups and canopies

  • 4 Different Pole Colours:

pole and frame colours


Recasens RECacril® Parasol Cover Material

The acrylic recasens material is the Rolls Royce of canopies. Made from strong, hard wearing acrylic material. The recasens canopy offers the top level of protection from the elements
Recasens offers customers:

  • A high-performance acrylic fabric of the very highest quality.
  • The very best water resistance and protection from the sun.
  • A matieral used extensively in the boating and marine industries for its strength and durability.
  • An Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of up to +80 according to international standard UV 801.
  • Low reactivity and high stability offering long lasting protection against mold, plus excellent water and oil repellence.
  • An effective sunscreen as they filter a high percentage of ultraviolet radiation.

*UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), Indicates the fraction of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that penetrate fabric. Example, Material with a UPF of 50, allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach your skin.