Stellar Auto Tilt Parasol - Graphite Grey


A magnificent tilting garden parasol – the Stellar Auto Tilt Parasol, Grey – with a practical design that can shade you from the Sun's burning UV rays, but also shelter you or your guests from the rain.

The tilting system allows you to turn the parasol in any angle without having to use too much force or move the parasol, which saves time and energy! It is part of our high-end range of garden umbrellas with a grey powder coated aluminium frame that gives a smooth, chic look and an extremely durable finish. It can be equipped with lights and heaters to keep you sheltered in the evening or rainy days.

  • Sturdy and strong aluminium frame and pole
  • Easy opening with rotating crank handle
  • Tilting up to 70 degrees
  • 1 year warranty for the frame and structure and 3 for the canopy
  • Grey powder coating on the frame
  • Lights and heating options available
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The Stellar Auto Tilt Parasol Grey was designed with a tilting mechanism so it could protect you and block the Sun without having to move the parasol. The powder coated frame has increased durability against rust and fade and has a crank with handle for operating and tilting the garden parasol. Ideal for your garden, this parasol will make sure you’ll enjoy the best of the summer days in maximum comfort, protecting you and your garden furniture from the sun's rays.   


Operating the Stellar Auto Tilt is as easy as ABC!

After you installed your parasol, simply rotate the crank handle clock-wise until the canopy will open. Continue rotating the handle and it will start tilting. Before tightening the base tube screw, rotate the parasol on its axis until it reaches into the desired position. We recommend that you position the canopy towards the Sun so you can have optimum protection.

operating tilting garden parasol - drawing


The frame – is made from 100% aluminium, same as the hub and runner and all the other fittings. The 6 ribs keep the cover stretched and neat. The manufacturer added a powder coating layer to make the pole more resistant to scratches and corrosion for when it’s stored. 1 year guarantee.

The canopy – air vented for more stability; it is made from a type of polyester that was solution dyed. This process allows more vibrant colours and longer lasting in time to direct sunlight fading. Read more in the ‘Canopy’ tab about the covers for this model, or see our guide for parasol colours for some useful tips. 3 years guarantee.

(*) On demand we can print the membrane with your logo and make it contribute to your marketing campaign. Keep in mind that this is the most visible part of your parasol.


The Stellar Auto Tilt has one standard shape for the canopy – Round (or hexagonal) and it is sustained by 6 ribs. The 2 sizes available are 2.5 metre and 3 metres diameter. For larger sizes, see our parasol size guide, where we have all our garden parasols classified by shape and size.


For this type of garden parasol, we strongly recommend using a 50kg base. There are 3 options available, depending on the budget:

  • Granite base  – with handle and wheels
  • Plinthit Base – portable base with 2 x 25 kg weighted plastic sand bags
  • Concrete base – with poll-out handle and wheels

You can increase the wind resistance of your parasol if you place it through the central hole of your patio table.

To install your tilting outdoor umbrella, just simply position the parasol pole inside the base tube and rotate the tightening screw (or screws) to lock it so it won’t be spined by the wind.


(*) Accessories available only by phone call for this model.


Add a LED lighting unit to your parasol with a dimmer switch and detachable battery. This way you’ll enjoy some extra time to spend in the garden, even if the sun has gone down. The light is bright enough for reading, late evening meals or BBQs.

Parasol Heaters 

This simple three headed heater is a great addition to have with the British unreliable weather. It can be attached to the central pole, and allows pole diameters from 25mm to 55mm. Each head emits 500W infra-red waves over a 360-degree space.

hanging parasol led lights halogen heaters


The Stellar Auto Tilt outdoor umbrella is equally at home in a garden or on a patio, as it is in commercial premises like bistro, hotel or restaurant terraces. It is ultra-quick and easy to assemble allowing an easy storage and fast transportation when not in use, making it ideal for busy backyards and commercial areas.


Please get in touch with us if you have more questions about this tilting garden parasol. If you need help deciding on which are the best options for your project, Shade Specialists are more than happy to answer your requests in 24 hours.




Spuncrylic® is a polyester which has been through a process called solution dying.
Solution dying is a technique used to add colour to a synthetic fibre.
Solution dying ensures colour is all through each thread before its woven, guaranteeing a higher quality and more vibrant colour.
Solution dying gives polyester a high-level resistance to fading from direct sunlight.
Spuncrylic® possesses excellent stain resistance and is water repellent.
Spuncrylic® offers an affordable canopy option which provides resistance to all weather conditions.
Spuncrylic® delivers a *UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 50.
*UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), Indicates the fraction of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that penetrate fabric. Example, Material with a UPF of 50, allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach your skin. The higher the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), the greater the protection offered.

All the premium parasols sold on the Shade specialists website are built to last, which is why we use Spuncrylic for our choice of material opposed to a standard polyester cover which fades in some cases after just a single season. After all, the canopy is the largest and most prominent part of the parasol!

If you have any questions, need help, or require further information, please contact us.

colour swatch