4-WAY Infrared Parasol Heater 1800W

An infrared parasol heater is a great way to heat the space under your parasol, or patio area. This one can be mounted on the pole of a garden umbrella or on a portable tripod. It has 4 infrared lamps that can be rotated to a desired angle to make sure all the space it’s covered. Each lamp has a long life of approximately 5000 hours of use and you will feel the heat as soon as you’ll turn it on. It needs to be connected to a power source and has a power of 1.8kW. The best part is that infrared parasol heaters warm the body, without heating the air in between and are 100% safe.

  • 4 infrared lamps that can be angled to cover the complete surrounding
  • 2 heating settings available
  • Level 3 water resistance rating (IPX3) – resistant to sprays of water
  • 1 lamp can provide more than 5000 hours of heat
  • Steel case with black hammer finish paint
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty

Price: £140

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The 4-WAY Infrared Parasol Heater can easily be fitted on most parasol poles (or tripods) ranging from 20 to 55mm in diameter. We strongly recommend to our clients installing a set of parasol heaters so they could enjoy more time outdoors, no matter the weather.

This parasol heater has 4 infrared rotating heads, each having more than 5000 hours life and can resist water sprays (IPX3) up to 60 degrees. Each lamp has a maximum output of 500W and they can be turned on separately 2 by 2. Due to the high-quality materials used and steel construction, it requires low maintenance and it’s completely safe against rust, corrosion or infiltrations.  

Once switched on, you can feel the heat almost instantly because infrared short waves heat the bodies of the people and not the surrounding air, meaning that the wind won’t blow the heat away. This feature made it ideal for the hospitality sector where owners wish to offer extra comfort to their clients.


Fast installation thanks to a clam shell system that fits on the pole and it’s secured on the side with a screw. After installation, don’t forget to connect the heaters to a power source using the standard 1.5m cable. It has 2 switches that independently turn on either the left side lamps or the right-side ones. Instant and effective heating within seconds.
fixing screw for infrared parasol heater infrared parasol heater operating switch



Materials used:

Power (heat output):

Power source connection:

Height – 19 cm

Width – 45 cm

Depth – 45 cm

Black Steel for the case and fittings, aluminium for screws and lamps, plastic for the cord and securing handle. 1800W Electric cable


(*) WARNING: Do not move when in use or when hot. Use with adult supervision.


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