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1 . What types of parasols are available?

2 . What are the advantages of a large commercial parasol if you are a hospitality business?

  • You can maximise your revenue by allowing outdoor space to be used all year round.
  • Protect your customers from sun, rain and the inevitable summer shower!
  • Combats government bans on smoking indoors.
  • Promote your business brand or message on a large visible space seen by everyone!

3 . What sizes are the parasols available in?

Shade Specialists supply a range of sizes from our smallest 2m square parasol - Stellar Cafe parasol, to the massive 9m diameter - Sanvannah Giant parasol!

4 . What materials are the parasols available in?

A parasol has 3 main parts that come in different materials, as follows:

The canopy - 4 types of materials - polyester, Spuncrylic, Recasens and Ferarri 502 PVC Vinyl®. Each parasol has its own 'Canopy' tab where you can see the canopy materials available for that product.

The frame and pole - wooden garden parasols(bamboo, eucalyptus, hardwood), aluminium or the heavy duty stainless steel - the 3 types of materials to ensure the sturdynes of your garden umbrella

The bases - depeding on the budget and taste, you can choose between 3 types of materials: concrete, granite and metallic (for the inground base or plinthit). Some models have a 4th option - plastic base that can be filled with water or sand.


5 . What colours are the parasols available in?

– Polyester parasols are available in Natural and Khaki.

– Stock spuncrylic parasols are available in Black, Taupe, Harvest Wheat, Ecru, Forest Green.

– Spuncrylic premium colour parasols are available in Stone Grey, Ice White, Navy Blue, Pacific Blue, Terracotta, Red and Yellow

– * Premium colours are available with a 3-4-week lead time.

6 . What accessories are available for Shade Specialists parasols?

We have a wide range of accessories for all our parasols including bases and protective covers, plus parasol heaters  (one model with speakers included) and parasol lighting kits.

7 . Do Shade Specialists have immediate stock availability?

Please contact us for stock availability and delivery times.

8 . If I am purchasing for a business, can I have my parasol branded with my name and logo?

Of course! Simply contact us for a quote, email us your logo and we will do the rest! Visit this link if you want to know more about our parasol printing services.

9 . What type of printing do you use?

Shade Specialists offer 3 types of printings for your parasol: Screen Printing, Digital Printing and Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing. Read more about branded parasols here.

10 . Can you produce any colour?

Yes, we can do Pantone print. Minimum order quantity 20+

11 . Can I see how my finished product will look?

Of course, absolutely! Once you have purchased your parasol and sent us your artwork, we will produce a visual of your parasol.

12 . Do you offer discounts for larger quantities?

Certainly. We have worked with some of the UK’s largest drinks companies and provide competitive quotes on any multiple parasol order. Some of the clients we have worked with!

13 . How soon can I expect to receive my goods?

Stock parasols are generally available for delivery within 5 working days, custom printed parasols require a further 14 working days in most cases.

14 . What guarantee do Shade Specialists offer?

We offer a range of guarantees.

  • Parasols with Polyester cover: 1-year guarantee from the date of original purchase.
  • Parasols with Spuncrylic® cover: 3-year guarantee from the date of original purchase.
  • Parasols with Recasens Recacril® cover: 10-year guarantee from the date of original purchase.

15 . Parasol base delivery

Please note, when ordering a base with your parasol. Due to the weight of a parasol base, the base will be delivered as a separate consignment.