Shade Specialists quality parasols for private and commercial use

Sirocco Cantilever Parasol
commercial cantilever parasol bamboo ribs

Cantilever commercial parasol ribs made from bamboo

Cantilever commercial parasol ribs made from bamboo, hub, runner – marine grade nylon PA66
commercial cantilever parasol Bambrella locking system

Commercial Cantilever Parasol Locking System

Practical cleat locking system ensures easy titling the cantilever parasol
commercial cantilever parasol Bambrella tilt system

Cantilever Parasol Commercial Tilt system

Cantilever commercial parasol 45° tilt so you can find shade as the sun goes down
commercial cantilever parasol base

360° rotating commercial cantilever parasol granite base

The cantilever parasols granite base weights sit in a powder coated steel base frame.
commercial cantilever parasol Bambrella winch system

Commercial Parasol Winch system

A winch system is used using 304 stainless steel wire for easy opening commercial parasols
Bambrella Sirocco Cantilever Parasol

Bambrella Sirocco Small Cantilever Parasol

from £940 incl. VAT
The Bambrella Sirocco Side Wind bamboo parasol is Bambrella's smaller cantilever umbrella, manufactured and designed to exacting standards with durability, strength and style in mind, the three key points of all Bambrella products. The Side Wind features a 360 rotating base and 45 tilt so you can still find shade as the sun goes down. Read more...
Extremely robust and weather resistant, a beautiful bamboo frame with a sleek, modern design. A geared winch system ensures easy operation. Built from quality 304 stainless steel fittings. 5 Year guarantee on frames and hardware.
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strong aluminium commercial parasol
commercial deluxe parasol Bambrella Santa Ana hub and runner

Commercial Parasol Hub and runner

Marine grade nylon PA66 ensures a strong, smooth, durable opening mechanism for commercial parasols.
commercial premium parasol Bambrella Santa Ana rib end

Premium Commercial Parasol Aluminium Rib End

Stainless steel rib end with an insert nut and stainless steel bolt to fix the end of the cover for extra strength and clean lines for commercial parasols.
50kg dark grey granite base for parasol

50kg Dark Grey Granite Base with Pullout Handle and Wheels

from £197 incl. VAT
This beautiful dark grey granite base can be used with most mid-large range parasols and should provide a sturdy base for single pole parasols in fine and breezy conditions. The base is maneuverable via a pull-out handle.
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commercial cantilever parasol Bambrella cleat system

Parasol Locking System

Practical cleat locking system ensures easy lock the parasol
Bambrella Hurricane Outdoor Aluminium Parasol

Bambrella Hurricane Aluminium Parasol

from £294 incl. VAT
Create the continental atmosphere with this stunning aluminium parasol, simple, sleek, stylish and functional, the ideal sun umbrella for any terrace or patio. The Bambrella aluminium Hurricane is a wonderfully versatile parasol and one of the strongest available. Read more...
  • Highly resistant surface finishes.
  • Double pulley and rope system for easy operation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Sizes from 2.1 to 3.4 meters.
  • 5 Year guarantee on frames and hardware.
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Commercial Parasols


Strong Commercial Parasols.

The Bambrella range of bamboo and aluminium parasols have been designed to withstand wind gusts up to an incredible 126 kph! All Bambrella parasols come with a three-year guarantee, easily replaceable parts and a unique design which sets them apart from the competition!

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Making the most of any outdoor area is essential to both commercial businesses and homeowners. A beautiful parasol can instantly transform any open-air space. With alfresco dining becoming more and more popular a stunning garden umbrella can protect you from the hot rays of the summer sun or shelter you from the inevitable British summer shower! Shade Specialists luxury parasols will make a fantastic edition to any set of garden furniture and allow you to enjoy your outdoor space all year round! If your looking for commercial parasols or garden parasols Shade Specialists will have you covered!

Shade Specialists supply high quality parasols from industry leading brands including, Bambrella, Elbrau, Heritage, Pegasus, Quattro, Shelter, Stellar and Savannah. We can provide parasols in a variety of materials such as bamboo, aluminium and stainless steel.

There are two main types of garden parasols, firstly we have the classic freestanding parasol or as it is often referred to, centre pole parasol which is one of the most popular purchases and are particularly beneficial should you wish to use the garden umbrella in multiple places such as, on the patio, in the centre of your lawn or by the edge of the swimming pool! These smaller and more mobile garden umbrellas offer you great flexibility.

The second type of umbrella available is the side arm parasol or as they are more often referred to a cantilever parasol. A cantilever parasol is the perfect shade option for people who require a totally clear and unhindered space under their canopy. The cantilever parasol canopy maximises both usable space and comfort. A cantilever parasol eliminates the drawback of a centre pole umbrella, for example you can position chairs, hammocks, tables etc directly below the canopy. A major advantage of cantilever parasols is that unlike a traditional centre pole umbrella a cantilever parasol is free standing, which means it won’t get in your way!

Shade Specialists offer an extensive selection of industry leading garden parasols, all of which offer our customers both unparalleled strength and durability, free delivery is standard on every parasol. All components used in the construction of our premium parasols is of commercial strength and quality. Shade Specialists industry leading parasols have been wind tunnel tested and are engineered to offer supreme quality, strength and durability. Our extensive range of premium parasol umbrellas can be customised if required with lights and heaters.

Our commercial parasols and garden parasols are offered in a choice of three canopy materials. Spuncrylic, Polyester and Recasens.

Spuncrylic® is polyester which has gone through a process called solution dying this is a material very popular with most parasol umbrellas manufacturers. Solution dying gives polyester an extremely high resistance to fading from sunlight. Spuncrylic® also has good stain resistance as well as being water repellent. In addition, Spuncrylic® has a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 50. This indicates what fraction of the sun’s ultraviolet rays can penetrate the fabric. For example, Material with a UPF of 50, allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach your skin. The higher the UPF (ultraviolet protection factor), the greater the protection.

Polyester is a strong fibre that is resistant to creasing and keeps its shape well. The price of polyester covers is lower in comparison to Spuncrylic® covers due to the colour fastness of the darker materials, which is why Shade Specialists only offer two natural colours in the polyester material.

Recasens RECacril® is an acrylic fabric of the highest quality which guarantee the best water resistance and sun protection. Recasens is used extensively in both the boating and marine industries because of its strength and durability.

When choosing an appropriate base for your centre pole outdoor parasol there a few key factors to consider when making your decision. Firstly, you can never go too heavy! Nobody ever complains because their garden parasol is still upright and in full working order! When choosing your parasol base, consider how your parasol for garden will be used. If your garden umbrella is going through the middle of a sturdy table, you can afford to go with a lighter base. The table will act as a ballast to your parasol umbrella and provide a lot of stability too. Despite going through a sturdy table, you will however still require a base for your parasol to provide stability and maintain the position of the pole.

Should your large garden parasol be a free-standing cantilever parasol it is essential to have adequate weight. You will also find the larger bases are not only heavier, but also have a larger footprint, which reduces the chances of the large garden parasol tipping over.

For medium and large centre pole garden parasols we always recommend using the heavier 70kg granite bases, which visually look the same as the 50kg, but are slightly larger in dimension. When purchasing large commercial parasols (4m and bigger) we recommend using a cross base. The cross base is supplied with 4 x 30kg bases (either granite or concrete) and can be loaded with additional bases for windier locations and added security.

For the ultimate outdoor parasol security and recommended for most large commercial parasols you can choose to install a ground base. This requires a hole to be dug of approximately 80 cm, which will be filled with concrete, and the steel ground base sunk level with the ground. This is the cheapest method in terms of parts, but costlier in terms of labour. A concrete ground base is a popular method for large commercial parasols found in pubs, restaurants, hotels, cafes and many other commercial properties. A secondary benefit to a ground base parasol is the reduced footprint and it also removes the tripping hazard, making it perhaps the most popular option in eating and drinking establishments.

Shade Specialists offer a parasol hire service with wide range of quality parasols and tents for hire on both long or short-term contracts. Both centre pole parasols and cantilever umbrella options are available. Our shade solutions are of the highest quality and are used at some of the most prestigious social occasions in the United Kingdom, including Ascot, Goodward and The British Grand Prix at Silverstone. When hiring a parasol or tent with Shade Specialists installation comes as standard and all parasols are supplied with suitably weighted bases. If you would like a quote, have a query, or require any further information about the parasols we offer, please contact us, we will be more than happy to offer our help and advice!

Printed commercial parasols offer the ideal advertising tool for the hospitality industry, Shade Specialists have over a decade of experience supplying multinational and global brands with professionally designed and printed premium parasols. Our personalised service is tailored to meet the requirements of all sizes of business, whether an international company or and independent enterprise, all our covers can be printed with simple text as well as full colour pantone printing.

Custom printed outdoor parasols offer businesses a functional and cost-effective marketing option which provides a high impact branding opportunity. Garden parasols with printed logos or full colour branding are the perfect promotional tool for any company wishing to advertise their brand or service. A stylish and practical garden parasol will enhance any outdoor area, creating a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Shade Specialists offer a full print service on all parasols, should you require an individual logo or high volume multi order, we can provide an expert service for all your needs and requirements.

Shade Specialists, the UK’s leading supplier of quality commercial parasols and garden umbrellas.