Quattro W - Wall Mounted Parasol

Our newest umbrella - Quattro W - is a wall mounted parasol that wants to come in help to those that need a shade in a smaller or restricted space, leaving clear the area under.

 It’s user friendly and has a telescopic arm so that it can easily open up to provide full sun protection. The wall bracket allows the arm to rotate from one side to another, with more than 90 degrees. This is useful especially for L shaped terraces or balconies. It’s made using highly resistant aluminium and some of its main features include:

  • Adjustable telescopic arm from 1.40m to 1.80m (can swing horizontally)
  • Simple 3 step manual operation
  • It can be removed from the wall mounted bracket
  • Ideal for hospitality sector
  • 10 degrees tilting canopy, UPF 40+
  • 5 years warranty for the frame and pole
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technical data and sizes

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The Quattro W is a wall mounted parasol that was designed to save as much space as possible, whilst offering shade and shelter underneath it. Ideal for the commercial sector for side-walk terraces where an A-wing is not an option, it can be rotated and adjusted to provide shade even ‘around the corner’ of a wall.

The wall clamp allows it to be fast and easily removed for storage and mounted back in no-time. It provides shade, rain protection, privacy and decoration to your space.


Once the installation is done and the parasol is attached to the wall bracket, you can enjoy the shade of your newly wall mounted parasol in 3 simple steps:

1 – First step is to bring the telescopic arm in a horizontal position (90 degrees) and lock it.

2 – Second, lift the umbrella in a vertical position and unfold it.

3 - Open the umbrella by pulling the pole downwards, then simply lock it on to the telescopic arm.

To close the wall umbrella, unlock the pole and push it upwards, inside the frame, until the canopy is collapsed. Push the frame in a horizontal position, unlock the telescopic arm from its bracket and bring it in a vertical position, close to the wall.

3 step easy operation


The frame – 100% made from anodised aluminium, with some plastic bits and steel fittings. The telescopic arm can reach 1.80m. It can be locked in vertical or horizontal position and the high-quality materials used, will prevent rust from causing problems. The smart design allows parts to be changed without having to disassemble the whole metallic structure.

The canopy – made from olefin a solution dyed polyester, weighting 190 g/m2, the canopy of this wall mounted parasol is waterproof, with a UPF 40+ (over 97% of the UV rays are filtered). Fade and tear resistant with 12 colours to choose from to match your garden furniture (see our parasol color guide), the fabric can be replaced or washed and it has 10 degrees tilt possible. On demand we can print the fabric with your company logo. 


Quattro W Wall Mounted Parasol is available in one size and shape: Round (6 ribs hexagonal), with a 2.70 m diameter. For other parasols and canopy sizes, visit our Parasol Size Guide and check the Index tables to find the right size for you.


This product does not require a base like a regular garden parasol. The telescopic arm of this wall mounted umbrella is fixed on to the wall using a wall bracket that permits a horizontal movement, to have the shade where is needed. The bracket has to be fixed with screws and the hinge of the telescopic arm must fit into it. fixation with wall bracket


45-degree Tilt and lock

For private use, an extra option for the telescopic arm was added: the possibility to lock it at 45 degrees for a better handling. This option comes in hand especially for seniors, because it requires less power to operate the garden umbrella.

Heaters and Lights

Parasols can be great at providing also shelter from summer showers or even colder off-season days. A wall mounted heater and a hanging or a portable light are two ‘must have’ accessories that will let you make the most out of your parasol. Simple to install, these upgrades will make your umbrella useful all year round and allow you to enjoy it no matter the time of the day or year.

infra red heater portable lights for wall mounted parasol

Protective cover

cover for protecting wall mounted parasol This comes as standard, included in the original package and it’s an accessory made to extend the life of the canopy fabric. Covering your parasol when not in use, will better protect it against stains from bird drops or dust, mould or different objects that could damage it in the storage space. Made from polyester, it can be attached to the telescopic mast using its straps.  



The Quattro W was designed with the hospitality sector in mind, where an A-wing can’t be a viable solution, due to the size, placement or aspect of the building. It’s a versatile shade with many adjustment options, resistant to high winds and with a stunning aspect. It’s definitely an eye-catcher and it can draw a lot of attention to your café or restaurant.

It can be used with confidence also at home on smaller balconies and terraces, or next to fences. Due to its practicality, this umbrella is a magnificent addition to have on any patio or terrace and when the right colours are combined, it can completely transform an outdoor space.   


If you have questions about our products or services, please check the ‘Q&A’ section on our website. If you require more information about this wall mounted parasol, please contact us by phone or e-mail.


technical data and sizes

Canopy Cover Material - Polyester Canopy  Material

  • Polyester strong fibre, highly resistant to creasing and keeps its shape perfectly.
  • Solution dying gives polyester a high-level resistance to fading from direct sunlight.
  • Unlike Spuncrylic, Polyester is piece dyed, piece dyed means the thread is only coloured on the outside of the canopy, like a radish!
  • Spuncrylic® possesses good stain resistance and is water repellent.
  • Spuncrylic® provides a *UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 50.
  • Offers an affordable alternative to Spuncrylic due to the colour fastness of darker materials
  • Shade Specialists only offer polyester covers in two natural colours. Beige and Natural.

*UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), Indicates the fraction of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that penetrate fabric. Example, Material with a UPF of 50, allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach your skin. The higher the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), the greater the protection offered.