Electric Parasol Heater Golden 2000


The Golden 2000 Electric Parasol Heater is a stylish and premium parasol mounted heater with a clean and modern design, using infrared short waves.

The electric heater can be controlled via a remote control supplied with this model, or you can connect to it via Bluetooth. This parasol heater offers more warmth and a less light, thanks to the powerful 2000-watt amber lamp. It's one of our best outdoor parasol heating solutions that creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere on your terrace or patio. It can be mounted in three ways – suspension from a wall, from a frame (parasol arm) or from ceiling, and has about 8000 hours of usage.

  • Suitable for a large terrace or patio.
  • Easy to operate via remote control or a smartphone.
  • Can be placed in various ways, on a wall, ceiling or under a parasol.
  • Three different heat settings: 1000, 1500 and 2000 watt
  • IP65 enclosure – double insulation for dust and water sprays 
  • Suitable for hospitality businesses


Voltage 220/240V~50Hz
Capacity 2000 W
IPprotection IP65
Remote control +
App control +
Dimmer positions 6 (stepless with app)
Dimensions  18 x 56,5 x 13,5 cm
Weight 3,3 kg

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The Golden 2000 Electric Parasol Heater is one of our top range models with many features that makes it a versatile mounted parasol heater. The lamp gives off less light but a lot of warmth. It is a modern and sophisticated electric outdoor heater that combines practicality with trusted technology. A great feature of this particular model is the stepless dimmer, which allows you to adjust the heat output as required.

Completely dust and splash proof the Golden 2000 Electric Parasol Heater is perfect for commercial use as well as home and garden and is IP65 certified (fully dust and water splash proof). Combined with its simple and easy operation this parasol heater is an ideal product for restaurants, hotels, café’s and any other such commercial premises.


  1. Golden 2000 Electric Heater with suspension bracket and cable.
  2. Wall bracket with wing nut.
  3. Different brackets for suspension to tent frame or parasol.
  4. A set of chains for ceiling suspension.
  5. On/off switch on the side.
  6. Reset button.
  7. Antenna for Bluetooth Connection.
  8. Remote control.
  9. Suspension bracket for wall.
  10. Adjustable Allen screw.
electric parasol heater package parts


The Golden 2000 Electric Parasol Heater has 3 possible types of fixation:

  • Wall mounted – with a wall bracket

wall fixing for electric heater
The appliance needs to be mounted on a vibration free wall, vertical and stable, preferably fire resistant. The materials provided work best on a brick wall. The bracket needs to be fixed horizontally with the 4 anchors. Slide the heater bracket into the wall bracket at maximum and secure it by screwing the short wing nut supplied.
parasol mounted electric heater
  • Frame mounted – with a bracket

First, make sure that the frame from which you want to attach the heater is strong enough to take the weight. Choose the smallest possible option of the three supplied brackets. Slide the bracket around the frame, place the heater against it and screw to secure the bracket.
  • Ceiling mounted – with 2 hanging chains

ceiling fixation for parasol heater
Find 2 suspension points (40 cm apart) in the ceiling and make sure the materials are strong enough to sustain the weight. Insert the suspension eyes to the ceiling (not supplied). Run one end of the chains onto suspension points of the heater. Fix the other hooks at the other end of the chain through the suspension eyes in the ceiling. ( Also possible to wrap the chain around a horizontal pole)

(*) Minimum safe distances between the outdoor wall heater and surroundings:

Lowest point of heater – floor: 180 cm

Front of the heater – heated object: 100 cm

Top of the heater – fire-resistant ceiling: 20 cm

Top of the heater – tent ceiling, parasol etc.: 50 cm

Side of the heater – walls, obstacles, objects: 50 cm

 * In case you need to suspend the device outdoors, ensure that it is stable and protected from the wind and balance.


Before connecting to a power supply, make sure that your umbrella heater is in good condition, not damaged and the socket gives the correct power - 220-240V. If everything is good, plug the heater into the electric socket.

Press the ‘ON’ switch button on the side. Start using your heater by pressing the ‘ON’ button of the provided remote control. Use the UP and DOWN arrows on the remote to adjust to the desired temperature. The ‘MAX’ button will take you to the highest heating level. To stop, press the off button on the remote and turn de side switch to ‘off’ position.

The Heating APP has the same functions as the remote control. As extra, with the app, you can set a timer to switch of automatically and operate multiple heaters at once.

(*) When you use the appliance for the first time, observe it for about 15 minutes to make sure it functions properly.  


This parasol mounted heater has an innovative shock safeguard feature that switches the device off if it is shocked in any way. You can activate it and set the sensitivity using the app. From the factory it comes with this feature off. When it switches the device off, you can see a red light blinking. Restart the device after you check that it has not been damaged, by operating the on/off switch.


  • Before cleaning remove the heater from the plug and wait for it to cool down. Do not use chemicals cleaners! Do not use flammable cleaners!
  • Repairs for this outdoor wall heater must be carried out only by authorised specialists.
  • The appliance is made from an aluminium case and a safety grill. It is very well sealed (IP65) and may only be opened by qualified personnel.


If you have any questions, need help, or require further information about this parasol mounted heater, please contact us.


Voltage 220/240V~50Hz
Capacity 2000 W
IPprotection IP65
Remote control +
App control +
Dimmer positions 6 (stepless with app)
Dimensions  18 x 56,5 x 13,5 cm
Weight 3,3 kg