Has your parasol canopy been ruined by the sun, rain or snow for many years? Does it look tattered, torn, and yellowed? Or maybe it’s ripped due to high winds or heavy usage? It’s time to replace the old canopy with a new one. The whole work won’t cost so much money and you don’t need to be an expert to do it yourself. It won’t take much time to finish this job in case that you are afraid you won’t have enough and luckily Shade Specialists are here to guide you with the process. Our modern canopies come in different models, colours and types that will satisfy even the most demanding customers. If you need help to choose the colour, our parasol canopy colour guide has some useful tips inside!

replacing old parasol canopy

- Old Parasol Canopy -

Can you replace your outdoor umbrella fabric?

Yes, you can replace it if your patio umbrella canopy is ripped, or the colour has faded. This is quite normal to happen in time due to heavy usage or exposure to direct sunlight, wind and rain. As your parasol ages with use, its canopy fabric will become dirty and damaged. The main advantage when you buy a replacement parasol canopy is that you can save money if the frame is in good shape and give your parasol a fresh new look.

new replacement parasol canopy

  • New Replacement Parasol Canopy -

Where can you buy replacement parasol canopies?

If you own one of the brands that we sell at Shade Specialists – Bambrella, Elbrau, Heritage, Savannah, Shelter, Stellar or Quattro, then you have come at the right place. Depending on our stock availability, we can supply our clients with new canopies for their garden umbrellas, simple colour or branded (on the sides or on valance).

For different brands we strongly recommend that you find the producer and contact him. At the moment we do not make bespoke canopies for different brands, shapes sizes or styles. However, if your garden parasol is similar in shape and size to one of our products, get in touch with us to discuss your project and see if we can help you replace your parasol’s canopy.

How do you replace a parasol canopy? (for parasols with a centre pole)

How to replace a cantilever parasol canopy:

  1. Start by collapsing your parasol
  2. Count the number of ribs from your parasol
  3. Pull the canopy pockets out of the ribs, or unscrew the tips (where the ribs are fitted)
  4. After you detach all the pockets from the frame, do the same on the top.
  5. Unscrew the cap (finial) and pull out the old canopy
  6. Measure the umbrella and send us the details for the new fabric
  7. Install the new canopy from top to bottom, and line up the pocket holes with the ribs
  8. Stretch the fabric to get the ribs inside the pockets and don’t forget to place back the cap
  1. Fold the frame and use a ladder to reach the top of the cantilever
  2. Find the zip at the top of the canopy and unzip it
  3. Pull down the old canopy (unscrew the screws on the ribs if there are any)
  4. Wrap together the ribs so they won’t tear the new fabric and pull up your new canopy
  5. Use the zipper to close the top of the canopy fabric and adjust the pockets in to the ribs
  6. Connect back the screws or straps to the ribs or the frame, if there are any
  7. Unfold and enjoy your parasol

How do you measure for a replacement parasol canopy?

First method:

When measuring the size of the canopy start from the tip of the rib up to the centre hub (on the exterior side, when the umbrella is closed) and multiply by 2. This is the arch diameter of your parasol, in case you have a round umbrella (hexagonal, or octagonal).

umbrella arch diameter

- Umbrella Arch Diameter -

For a square shaped canopy or a rectangular shape (different rib lengths arranged alternately) you simply measure the arch diagonal – meaning the longest ribs, the shorter ribs if there are any, and make sure you specify the shape (length and width) plus the number of ribs when you place your order.

In all situations is better to write down also the distance between the tips of the ribs.

woman measuring a parasol frameMeasure from the tip of the rib to where the finial fits on top
  • - Measure from the tip of the rib to where the finial fits on top -

Second method:


Remove the canopy from the frame and fold it in half, like you can see in the picture. Measure the arch diameter from one side to another, the distance between the pockets and the rib size, from the tip to the finial hole. Works great for round canopies (hexagonal, octogonal).

measuring a folded canopy on the ground

If your parasol canopy is squared or rectangle, again measure the diagonal to have the arch diameter (A), the longer rib, from tip to the finial (B), the short rib in case you have (C) and the distance between the pockets (D).

measuring a canopy unfolded

What is a canopy fabric?

The canopy fabric is the material that the canopy is made from. Depending on its structure (density) and composition, this can be more or less resistant to weather conditions like rain, wind sun or snow.

The three top materials used for canopies are polyester, acrylic and vinyl. Read more about our different parasol cover materials here.

colour palette

- Polyester SPUNCRILYC Material -

What are the differences between canopy fabrics?

Besides looking at your budget, there are some differences between the types of fabrics for canopies.

  • The polyester used is solution dyed, resistant to fading, has 50+ UV protection and it’s the more affordable option.
  • The acrylic type is used also in the marine industry, high-quality and resistance to tear, water and sun with 80+ UPF. More durable and perfect for humid areas.
  • The vinyl fabrics are fire retardant, light and waterproof. They are available only for the Vortex and Bambrella Hurricane Extreme parasols.

***All of our replacement covers can be branded with your Company’s logo, if you wish to use it in a commercial environment.

***For colours that are not in our UK stock please be aware there is a 3-4 weeks lead time until the delivery.

What details are needed when ordering a replacement garden umbrella cover:

Before placing your order, make sure you know or have the following details:

  • Type – centre pole or cantilever
  • Brand and model
  • Shape – round, square or rectangle
  • The number of ribs
  • The correct measurements and dimensions, including distance between tips
  • The new canopy fabric material – polyester, acrylic or vinyl
  • The colour that you want

We hope you find this mini-guide useful and that it provides you with enough info to help you find and replace your garden parasol cover. If you have more questions about this topic, just give us a call or use our contact for to get in touch. We work Monday to Friday from 09:30 to 16:30 and we are more than happy to help.