LOU Lamp - Outdoor Waterproof LED Light


No matter how you use or your parasol, this outdoor waterproof LED light can add a wonderful lighting effect that will transform even the simplest and most ordinary umbrella into something that is unique and special.

 Simply place the two brackets on the pole of your parasol and within a few seconds, it will be securely in place and ready to go. You can also adjust the angle of the light for additional effect. Simply push it to change its position the way you want. This flexible and rechargeable parasol light includes one lamp that shines a warm white light, making sure that no detail is missed no matter where you point the device.

  • Magnetic bracket and aluminium structure
  • IP44 – resistant to water sprays
  • 3 step dimmer switch – 3 intensity settings
  • From 5 hours up to 20 hours lighting time
  • 5 hours to fully charge
  • Rechargeable battery with more than 3 years life


Price: 66£

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Powerful, lightweight and compact with magnetic latch – the LOU lamp creates a beautiful canopy of light if you place it under your parasol. This rechargeable parasol light with LED gives off a soft, natural glow for more than 5 hours due to its powerful lithium-ion battery. This means no additional power source is needed. You can change the intensity to a lower level by pressing again on the switch button. The magnetic bracket holds the light in place reliably and safely.


The LOU lamp can be placed indoors or outdoors and is therefore suitable for your parasol, balcony, terrace, garden or inside the house as well. You can use it as a bedside nightlight, gently lighting up your favourite book, or your path on a long corridor.

(*) If you install it on a parasol, you will receive an extra bracket for a better connection on to the frame (or one of the ribs), depending on the size and shape.

square rib bracket

20x30 mm square rib bracket

oval rib bracket

20x35 mm oval rib bracket

square rib bracket large

20x35 mm square rib bracket

plastic insert for bracket

38 mm diam. X 100mm plastic insert 



The set includes:

1 black portable lamp

1 magnetic mounting bracket with screws

(*) 1 extra bracket designed for parasols

1.2 metre charging cable USB

5V DC 1.5A USB charger

pieces included in set
cables and voltage
To install it, first connect the bracket on to a wall or on your parasol frame, and make sure it’s safe and not balancing. After the lamp has charged (the indicator light is green), simply attach it to the bracket and switch it on.



We strongly recommend using both hands when operating the LOU lamp, otherwise you’ll risk falling or damaging the product. operation and action

Press once on the dimmer switch and you will have 5 hours light at 100% brightness.

Pres the second time and it lower at 50% brightness, 10 hours lasting.

Press the third time and you’ll have up to 20 hours of light at 25% intensity.


IP44 Rated:

sealing for ip44 (*) To get the IP44 rating, the protective rubber has to cover the USB jack.

This device is protected against small solid objects (larger than 1 mm diameter) and protected against water sprays from all directions.

If you are looking to place this product in the garden or on a terrace where it will be exposed for longer periods of time to heavy rainfall, we recommend an IP65 rated lighting system instead. 

This rechargeable parasol light lamp is part of the IP44 lighting range and is highly appealing to our customers for placing them under their parasol, as our products are high quality, attractive an they enhance the aesthetics of your parasol, garden and propriety.


In case you have more questions regarding our outdoor waterproof LED light system, need help setting up your order, or require further information about our products, please contact us.


Battery capacity 2600 mAh
Charging time 5 h
Discharging time 5 -20 h
Step dimming range 25%, 50%, 100%
Charging temp range 0 - 45 degrees C
Storage temp range  0 - 35 degrees C
Cycle life (300 cycles) > 80% (battery capacity)
Charging / charged indicator light red/green
Bulb/Source LED SMD 100 Lumen CRI 80, 2700 K, 1.5W 
Dimensions 12 cm diameter
Dimmer 3 step dimmer switch
Material Aluminium