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Shade Specialists work in conjunction with parasol and garden accessory mounting experts Gard&Rock. Gard & Rock’s ingenious systems allow you to install your outdoor parasols and garden accessories in a flash (garden, water feature, pool, campsite, sports ground, and more), into your grass or concreted into your patio.

Combined with the products from the Gard & Rock evolutive range, it will be possible for you to install, move and store your outdoor equipment at top speed (parasols, gazebos and shade sails).

Stylish and discreet, the mounting base will blend seamlessly into your landscape. Keep reading to find how this new mounting system works.



Installation of outdoor equipment in a flash

Our expertly-picked selection of bases includes light and heavy weights, as well as solutions that are more competitively priced. On top of that, Gard & Rock just created a new mounting system for centre pole parasols and an aluminium anchoring base.

Guess what? Shade Specialists and Gard & Rock are teaming up to give you the Quick Fixation System, making your outdoor day-to-day activities even more enjoyable.

With these two new bases added to your cart, you can comfortably choose either one of our lightweight centre pole parasols (less than 3m in size).

Also, keep in mind that these combined products from Gard & Rock can go with shade sails, more generic cantilever parasols, hammocks, washing lines, lighting, and any other equipment that requires an anchored mounting system.

When it comes to our range of Bambrella centre pole parasols, you can add these new anchoring systems to Bambrella Levante, Bambrella Hurricane, Bambrella Sirocco, Bambrella Santa Ana

Quick Fixation System for Parasols

If you prefer not to move your parasol from one area to another, consider using an anchoring base. At Shade Specialists, we have various options for parasol bases.

One of the various options is the in-ground base, which would require digging the ground and filling it up with concrete. For those times when you don't want to dig a hole, the aluminium anchoring base from Gard & Rock is a great option for mounting your centre pole parasol.



Aluminium anchoring base, flush with the ground - Suitable for screwing into any type of ground or setting in concrete - Quick Fixation System - Lay out your functional outdoor space in a flash! 

The new aluminium anchoring base is one for those moments that can serve multiple purposes. Yes, you read it right! This aluminium base is versatile for all your summer garden activities. Add 3 of them to your cart and you can use all 3 to mount a shade sail.



Aluminium stand for centre pole umbrella - Suitable for various applications, to be clipped into anchoring bases - Quick Fixation System.
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