Shelter Cantilever – Free Arm Parasol

The Shelter Cantilever is a great and versatile free arm parasol, designed on a more affordable price, without compromising its quality. Its powerful aluminium frame is powder coated and the Spuncrylic fabric can last in almost any weather. Personalize it to your liking with the speakers and LED lights system available, a set of three headed heaters and a branded canopy to ensure you and your guests have the perfect ambiance under it to spend quality time together. It’s easy to operate with one movement and it can be rotated and tilted to find the best shade.

  • Strong aluminium frame, anthracite powder coating
  • Tilt and rotate, fast operation with one-move handle
  • Fade, mould, rust resistant and water repellent
  • Fixed or portable bases with wheels
  • Wireless speakers, lights and heaters available
  • The fabric is guaranteed for 3 years and the frame 1 year
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Build a stylish and cosy sun lounge around your garden pond with the Shelter Cantilever, our free arm parasol with optional speakers, heaters and lights. This side post parasol has a smart design with a fast-operating crank handle, being able to rotate and tilt the canopy for finding the best shade. The metallic structure is made to be lightweight and it has a layer of extra protection.  


The handle glides in a vertical movement, tilting the canopy if unfolded, and bringing it close to the pole if this is collapsed. A crank handle operates the umbrella - when turned clockwise it starts unfolding the canopy. To close it, simply rotate the winch counter clockwise until it’s closed and glide the handle down to secure the free arm. The base allows the pole to rotate on its axis and it can be locked by pressing the pedal. operating handle for free arm parasol


The frame and fittings – by using an aluminium alloy that was also chemically coated with a dark anthracite colour, this side post parasol will never have problems with rust or corrosion. Powder coating is a chemical process that ads a protective layer, more durable and resistant to fading and scratches than the regular paint.

The canopy – is made using Spuncrylic, a solution dyed polyester with UPF higher than 50, water repellent, fade and tear resistant. It also has a raised vent for preventing wind damage in harsh weather condition. In these situations, we recommend putting your parasol down. Read more in ‘Canopy’ tab.

(*) All the components of this free arm parasol are made to be to be easily inter-changeable in case they need replacement and, on demand, we can print your logo on the canopy for marketing purposes.


The Shelter Cantilever can have a Square or a Round canopy, 3x3 metres for the square one and 3m or 3.5m in diameter for the round one.


The handy heating option will keep you warm even in the coldest winters, while the ingenious speakers with LED lighting system will create a cosy atmosphere no matter if the sun has already set.

LED Lights and Speakers


round speakers with lights for cantilever parasol halogen heater for cantilever parasol
Having a round shape, similar to a doughnut as we like to say, the device can be fitted to the central frame. You can connect your mobile phone at it using Bluetooth, the battery is USB rechargeable and has around 6 hours autonomy. The halogen Heater 1500 can spread short heat waves on a 360 degree when mounted under the canopy. Each of the 3 heads (lamps) emits 500W and the central fitting supports pole diameters from 25 mm up to 55mm. (*) Available only by phone order. More parasol heaters here.


There are 2 different possibilities when choosing the right base for your parasol:

  • If you want to change its position you will require a non-permanent type of fixation. Either it’s a water base (it can be equally filled with sand, reaches up to 160kg) or a base frame with concrete tiles (4x30kg), both have handle and wheels for easy transportation.
water base base with tiles
  • If your parasol won’t change its position, we recommend using a permanent type of fixation. The in-ground base (50-60 cm buried into concrete) is the strongest anchoring available (and affordable). If you’ll position the parasol on a deck, the easiest fixation is with a deck-plate base (for even stronger resistance, needs anchoring on concrete with glue or hinges, not included).
in ground base with sleeve deck plate


Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the Shelter Cantilever is the free arm parasol for your garden or terrace. It can combine perfectly with a variety of garden furniture pieces like sunchairs, chairs tables, whether they are in wood, metal or plastic.

It’s a smart choice for the commercial sector because it brings more visibility to your business if the canopy is branded, whilst keeping your clients safe and sheltered from the sun or rain and giving them more time to spend on the terrace.    


If you have questions about this side post parasol, you need help with the payment, or require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail and let us help you find the optimal solution for you.


Why we use Spuncrylic®

Spuncrylic® is a polyester which has been through a process called solution dying.
Solution dying is a technique used to add colour to a synthetic fibre.
Solution dying ensures colour is all through each thread before its woven, guaranteeing a higher quality and more vibrant colour.
Solution dying gives polyester a high-level resistance to fading from direct sunlight.
Spuncrylic® possesses excellent stain resistance and is water repellent.
Spuncrylic® offers an affordable canopy option which provides resistance to all weather conditions.
Spuncrylic® delivers a *UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) of at least 50.

*UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), Indicates the fraction of the sun’s ultraviolet rays that penetrate fabric. Example, Material with a UPF of 50, allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach your skin. The higher the UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor), the greater the protection offered.

If you have any questions regarding The Roma Cantilever Parasol, need help, or require further information, please contact us.

colours for canopy